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Method, medium, and system for integration of functionality of a fulfillment service provider into third-party application
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1. A computer-implemented method comprising:
detecting that a fulfillment service provider has been initialized based, at least in part, on indication of an interaction between a user and a third-party application, the third party application being associated with a third-party service provider;
determining context information associated with the interaction, the context information indicating a first event of the third-party service provider;
determining event information pertaining to the first event;
predicting information pertaining to the first event based, at least in part, on the event information;
generating, using the predicted information, a recommendation of a second event pertaining to the fulfillment service provider;
generating, via the third party application, an interface of the fulfillment service provider using an application programming interface (API), wherein the interface enables a user to access fulfillment functionality from the fulfillment service provider using the third party application without leaving the third party application; and
causing the recommendation to be presented via the third-party application through the generated interface.