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Methods and systems for pattern-based authentication for payment transactions
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1. A method for secure payment transactions using pattern-based authentication, the method comprising:
receiving, by a server system, a payment transaction request from a merchant terminal, the payment transaction request associated with an item purchased by a user at the merchant terminal;
receiving, by the server system, a graphically-drawn, timing-specific, and sequence-specific password entered from the user via a user interface associated with the merchant terminal while a time taken to enter the password is displayed on the user interface, wherein the password being drawn in the user interface is not visible on a display screen;
performing, by the server system, matching of the received password and the time taken to enter the password respectively with a pre-registered password of a plurality of pre-registered passwords and a pre-defined time period, the pre-registered password being registered by the user for authentication of payment transactions performed by the user, and the pre-registered password comprising a sequence of a pre-defined graphical pattern provided in the pre-defined time period; and
authenticating, by the server system, the payment transaction based on successful matching of the received password from the user with the pre-registered password and successful matching of the time taken to enter the password by the user with the pre-defined time period.