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Medical image based collaboration
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1. A method comprising using at least one hardware processor to:
receive a request to create a medical case from a requesting system over at least one network;
in response to the request,
create the medical case,
define a minimum dataset required for the medical case to be complete by performing acts comprising selecting the minimum dataset from a plurality of available minimum datasets based on a medical condition associated with the medical case,
in advance of capturing medical image data to be included in the medical case, determine one or more image-capture parameters for the medical case, and
send one or more commands, over the at least one network, to a smart image-capture device at the requesting system, to
configure the smart image-capture device according to the one or more image-capture parameters, and
control the smart image-capture device to auto-load and scan a microscope slide, associated with the medical case, to capture the medical image data according to the one or more image-capture parameters;
receive the captured medical image data from the requesting system over the at least one network;
store the medical image data in association with the medical case; and
provide access to the medical case to one or more consulting systems.