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Floating factory, operating method of manufacturing service device, and integrated product management system including floating factory and manufacturing service device
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1. An operating method of a manufacturing service device for managing a floating factory, the method comprising:
obtaining demand information on an electronic product at a demand location;
calculating cost information of at least one floating factory of a plurality of floating factories based on the demand information and status information of each of the plurality of floating factories;
selecting a specific floating factory from the plurality of floating factories corresponding to the calculated cost information indicating a lowest cost;
generating movement scheduling information of the specific floating factory based on the demand location and manufacturing locations of components of the electronic product;
transmitting the movement scheduling information to the specific floating factory;
configuring the specific floating factory to manufacture the electronic product and test the electronic product for defects based on the movement scheduling information, while moving to the demand location; and
supplying the electronic product that has passed the test at the demand location,
wherein the status information includes a location of each of the plurality of floating factories, whether each pf the plurality of floating factories is capable of manufacturing the electronic product, a quantity of the electronic product and the components stored in each of the plurality of floating factories, and a production amount per unit time of each of the plurality of floating factories.