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Systems and methods for optimization of pick walks
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1. A method, initialized by a computer, for improving performance of a neighborhood search algorithm used for processing and displaying a plurality of items to be picked at a warehouse, the method comprising:
approximating, by a greedy tote reduction algorithm executed by the computer, an original solution, using shorter and less intensive data processes than a traditional ant colony optimization algorithm;
selecting, via the greedy tote reduction algorithm within an infeasible totes loop search, the plurality of items that have a highest volume and a highest weight within a maximum weight and a maximum volume restriction for each of a plurality of respective totes as determined by an exogenous system;
iteratively executing a large-scale neighborhood search algorithm to achieve local improvements that outperform the neighborhood search beyond a local minimum, by searching on a neighborhood of the original solution, a swap within combinations of the plurality of items swapped between the plurality of respective totes until a maximum number of iterations is reached, wherein each of the plurality of respective totes adhere to: the maximum weight, the maximum volume restriction, a maximum tote capacity of a trolley corresponding to the warehouse, or different temperatures requirements corresponding to packing each of the plurality of items;
executing, the computer, a randomized tote local search loop by iteratively searching for candidate solutions within a search space;
applying, by the computer, local changes among the candidate solutions until an optimal solution of picklists for the plurality of totes is found;
executing, by the computer, a minimum trolley loop algorithm on the optimal solution by combining a shortest picklist with at least one other picklist of a plurality of picklists, as swapped; and
displaying, to a picker on an interface of a computing device, turn-by-turn directions of the combined picklists within a pick walk overlaid on a map of the warehouse.