US 11,657,312 B2
Short-depth active learning quantum amplitude estimation without eigenstate collapse
Ismail Yunus Akhalwaya, Emmarentia (ZA); Kenneth Clarkson, Madison, NJ (US); Lior Horesh, North Salem, NY (US); Mark S. Squillante, Greenwich, CT (US); Shashanka Ubaru, Ossining, NY (US); and Vasileios Kalantzis, White Plains, NY (US)
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1. A system, comprising:
a memory that stores computer executable components, and
a processor that executes the computer executable components stored in the memory, wherein the computer executable components comprise:
a learning component that utilizes stochastic inference to determine an expectation value during a first time interval based on an uncollapsed eigenvalue pair retrieved by an active learning process, wherein the first time interval is less than a second time interval where the uncollapsed eigenvalue pair is retrieved without use of the active learning process; and
an encoding component that encodes the expectation value associated with a quantum state.