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Controlling a neural network through intermediate latent spaces
Sylvain Philippe Paris, Jamaica Plain, MA (US); Erik Andreas Härkönen, Helsinki (FI); and Aaron Phillip Hertzmann, San Francisco, CA (US)
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1. In a digital content creation digital medium environment, a method implemented by at least one computing device, the method comprising:
receiving first data for a generator network of a generative adversarial network (GAN), the generator network having multiple layers including an initial layer, a first layer and a second layer;
receiving an input selection of a first effect for a new image being generated by the generator network;
generating second data by modifying the first data based on the input selection, the modifying comprising applying decomposition vectors to activation values generated by the first layer;
providing the second data to the second layer, the second layer being a later layer in the generator network than the first layer; and
generating, using the generator network with the second data, the new image with the first effect.