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Methods and systems for presenting drop-down, pop-up or other presentation of a multi-value data set in a spreadsheet cell
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1. A method of providing a user interface picklist for inserting a value into a cell, using a spreadsheet (predefined formula) function running on a system including at least one processor and memory coupled to the processor including:
responsive to a user interface picklist function in a cell of the spreadsheet that references a list source that is not adjacent to the cell that holds the user interface picklist function,
automatically retrieving, sorting and deduplicating values from the list source without modifying the list source itself;
returning an initially displayable value to the cell that is from the list source, is blank awaiting selection from the list source, or is an instruction regarding use of the list source;
making the picklist for the cell available responsive to the selection by presenting the sorted and deduplicated values; and
upon receiving a selection from the picklist, replacing the initially displayable value returned by the picklist for use in the cell.