US 11,657,213 B2
System and methods that add functionalities to presentation systems so that texts and numbers be remotely inserted, edited and deleted from mobile devices directly into slideware slide show mode (iSlidesMobile)
Mario López Villarroel, Santiago (CL); and Héctor Ponce Arias, Santiago (CL)
Filed on Apr. 22, 2021, as Appl. No. 17/238,101.
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1. A computer implemented method for manipulating interactive slides (hereinafter also referred to as ISLIDE interactive slides) working in its own website or inserted into a presentation system (hereinafter also referred to as a slideware), using an ISLIDESMOBILE presentation application, from mobile devices, wherein inserted interactive slides reside in a native slideware slide that, when in a slideware slideshow mode, from mobile devices:
a presenter and an audience member can remotely edit an interactive slide inserted in a slideware and in its slideshow mode;
the presenter manages a participation of the audience member in an interactive event or a pre-designed conference of interactive slides, wherein the interactive event comprises at least one of the following three types of interactive events:
text objects (including sticky notes and business model canvas);
short texts (including brainstorming and questions); and
polls, surveys, and tests;
the audience member attending a meeting, a class/lecture, a conference may participate in the three types of interactive events through the following steps:
send, edit and delete text objects, as well as change a color of text objects;
send, edit and delete short texts, if their number exceeds a screen display capacity, before viewing, short texts are grouped with machine learning algorithms; and
select and send values that are processed arithmetically or statistically before displaying results;
wherein the method further comprises the steps of:
installing the presentation application in a memory of a mobile device of the presenter and in a memory of a mobile device of at least one audience member, wherein the presentation application is used to manipulate interactive slides inserted in the slideware from mobile devices;
starting a presenter session from a mobile device with the presentation application to manipulate interactive slides from mobile devices;
displaying, through an interactive slide add-in, an interactive event in the slideware slideshow mode and a connection code for audience connection;
i. the at least one audience member logs into the presentation application to manipulate, from mobile devices, the interactive slides inserted into the slideware and enters the connection code;
ii. the at least one audience member selects the interactive event, from a slide sorter on a screen of their mobile device, and starts sending, editing, or deleting text objects in the slideware slideshow mode; and
iii. the presenter ends the interactive event, from mobile devices, continues with a slideware presentation that may include other interactive slides inserted in a presentation system, or logs out from the presentation application.