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Systems and methods of multi-modal biometric analysis
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1. A multi-modal biometric analysis system, comprising:
one or more illumination sources configured to illuminate an iris of a subject;
one or more cameras configured to capture one or more images of the subject during illumination of the subject with the one or more illumination sources, the one or more images including iris biometric data associated with the iris of the subject and face biometric data associated with a face of the subject; and
a processing device in communication with the one or more illumination sources and the one or more cameras, the processing device configured to:
(i) receive as input the one or more images;
(ii) analyze the iris biometric data for iris biometric authenticity, wherein analyzing the iris biometric data includes a determination of existence of retinal retro-reflection from a pupil of the subject in the one or more images, and wherein detection of the retinal retro-reflection from the pupil of the subject is indicative of an authentic live eye of the subject;
(iii) analyze the face biometric data for face biometric authenticity; and
(iv) compare the iris biometric data and the face biometric data to determine a biometric authenticity of the subject.