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Scalable ground truth disambiguation
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1. A computer implemented method comprising:
obtaining an utterance input from a user agent;
collecting context data of the utterance input from the user agent, wherein the context data describes circumstances of the utterance input;
generating a context tag based on the context data, wherein the context tag corresponds to the utterance input;
selecting a ground truth, wherein the selecting includes using the utterance input and the context tag, wherein the ground truth includes an utterance and an intent, wherein the utterance of the ground truth is semantically identical to the utterance input, and wherein the intent of the ground truth is semantically consistent with the context tag; and
updating the ground truth, wherein the updating includes attaching the context tag, wherein the updating the ground truth includes updating a first ground truth so that the first ground truth includes the context tag, and training a machine learning process using first training data, wherein the first training data used to train the machine learning process includes the first ground truth tagged with the context tag and having a first utterance and a first intent.