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Temporal optimization of data operations using distributed search and server management
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1. A method, comprising:
receiving data in association with an application implemented with one or more processors and memory, the application being configured to manage disparate computing and storage resources;
accessing, by the application, a manifest file including data representing parameters to configure one or more clusters of servers to allocate storage of the data among partitioned portions of the one or more clusters of servers in accordance with the parameters specifying classes of servers and ranges of time characteristics;
determining aging of partitioned data associated with the partitioned portions based on the classes of servers and the ranges of time characteristics;
moving one or more subsets of the partitioned data associated with one or more of the partitioned portions to different partitioned portions of different server classes based on the aging of the partitioned data;
receiving a query at a processor to retrieve the data stored as stored data among the among the partitioned portions;
evaluating the query to identify a time characteristic associated with the stored data;
identifying a location from which to retrieve the stored data based on the query to determine a partitioned portion of the different serverclasses in which the stored data resides as a function of the time characteristic; and
rewriting the query to run on at least one server of the one or more clusters of servers.