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Dynamic chunk size adjustment for cache-aware load balancing
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1. An apparatus comprising:
at least one processing device comprising a processor coupled to a memory;
wherein the at least one processing device is configured:
to separate logical block addresses of one or more storage devices of a storage system into a plurality of ranges of logical block addresses using a designated chunk size, the chunk size denoting a particular number of logical block addresses;
to assign different ones of the ranges of logical block addresses to different ones of a plurality of cache entities of the storage system;
to select paths for delivery of respective input-output operations from a host device to the storage system based at least in part on the assigning;
to detect particular ones of the input-output operations that each overlap with two or more adjacent ranges of the plurality of ranges; and
responsive to the detected input-output operations exceeding a threshold, to modify the chunk size and to repeat at least portions of the separating, assigning, selecting and detecting utilizing the modified chunk size.