US 11,656,974 B2
Enhanced performance diagnosis in a network computing environment
Jie Yang, Beijing (CN); Yao Zhao, Beijing (CN); Fei Tan, Beijing (CN); Xin Yu Pan, Beijing (CN); Ling Qin, Beijing (CN); Pin Yi Liu, Beijing (CN); Wei Wu, Beijing (CN); and Jiang Yi Liu, Beijing (CN)
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1. A computer-implemented method comprising:
in response to an occurrence of a performance issue for a node in a computing environment while under operating conditions, analyzing common logs for applications on the node, the applications being respectively registered for diagnosis services in advance of the performance issue, the applications each registering rules for the diagnosis services in advance of the performance issue;
automatically initiating debug programs to generate debug level logs respectively for the applications at a time of the performance issue;
analyzing the debug level logs according to the rules to determine a root cause of the performance issue;
determining a potential solution to the root cause of the performance issue using the rules, the determining without recreating the operating conditions occurring during the performance issue; and
executing the potential solution to rectify the root cause of the performance issue.