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Remote desktop system and image data sharing method
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1. A remote desktop system, comprising:
a primary virtual machine (VM);
a plurality of secondary VMs;
a primary terminal configured to access the primary VM; and
a plurality of receiver secondary terminals configured to access the plurality of secondary VMs, wherein each receiver secondary terminal accesses a corresponding secondary VM;
wherein the primary VM is configured to:
obtain IP addresses of the receiver secondary terminals from the secondary VMs that correspond to the receiver secondary terminals to form obtain a first shared list, wherein the first shared list comprises the IP addresses of the plurality of receiver secondary terminals;
send the first shared list to the primary terminal, and send first to-be-shared image data to the primary terminal;
wherein the primary terminal is configured to:
send the first to-be-shared image data to each receiver secondary terminal based on the first shared list; and
wherein each receiver secondary terminal is configured to receive the first to-be-shared image data.