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Computing resource provisioning
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1. A system, comprising:
one or more compute nodes configured to implement a provisioning service and a database, wherein the database includes virtual machine instance availability data indicating the availability of virtual machine instances and mappings between application types and virtual machine instance fleet configurations;
wherein, using virtual machine instance hardware constraints and an indication of a type of application to be executed on a fleet of virtual machine instances, the provisioning service is configured to access and, using the virtual machine instance hardware constraints, filter the availability data and the mappings in the database to generate a proposed fleet of virtual machine instances that includes a provisioning service-determined number of virtual machine instances and a hardware type for each of the virtual machine instances, and wherein the provisioning service is further to generate the proposed fleet of virtual machine instances based in part on a time left that is associated with a requirement for a job to be performed by one of more of the proposed fleet of virtual machine instances.