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Application integration with a digital assistant
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing one or more programs, the one or more programs including instructions, which when executed by one or more processors of an electronic device having a display, cause the electronic device to:
receive an audio input including a natural-language user input;
determine a user intent based on the natural-language user input;
identify, based on the determined user intent, an intent object of a set of intent objects, wherein the intent object is a data structure that corresponds to the determined user intent and that includes one or more data fields for one or more parameters associated with the determined user intent;
identify, based on the intent object, a software application for performing a task corresponding to the determined user intent;
provide the intent object to the software application;
in accordance with a determination that the task cannot be fulfilled, provide a list of one or more software applications identified for performing the task;
receive an indication of a selected software application from among the one or more listed software applications;
receive, from the selected software application, a response indicating whether the task was successfully performed; and
provide an output indicating whether the task was performed.