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Dot product calculators and methods of operating the same
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1. Circuitry to calculate a dot product, the circuitry comprising:
first circuitry to perform a first logic operation with a first input vector and a second input vector, the first circuitry to output a control vector;
second circuitry to perform a second logic operation with a difference vector and an inverse of the control vector, the difference vector corresponding to a value representative of the control vector minus one, the second circuitry to output a mask vector;
third circuitry to perform a third logic operation with the mask vector and the first input vector, the third circuitry to output a first vector;
a first counter to generate a first count based on a first total number of ones of the first vector;
fourth circuitry to perform a fourth logic operation with the mask vector and the second input vector, the fourth circuitry to output a second vector;
a second counter to generate a second count based on a second total number of ones of the second vector; and
multiplier circuitry to multiply a first value based on the first ones count and a second value based on the second ones count to generate a product.