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Display device, detection device and watch
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1. A display device comprising:
a first substrate;
a second substrate opposing the first substrate;
a liquid crystal layer held between the first substrate and the second substrate;
at least one first detection electrode disposed in a display area which displays images;
a plurality of second detection electrodes disposed in a peripheral area surrounding the display area;
a drive circuit connected to the first detection electrode and supplying drive pulses to the first detection electrode;
a power management circuit including a power circuit and a first switch provided between the drive circuit and the power circuit; and
a second switch provided between the drive circuit and the first detection electrode,
during a display period in which images are displayed in the display area, a predetermined voltage for driving the liquid crystal layer being applied to the first detection electrode, and
in a period in which the liquid crystal layer is not driven, the first switch and the second switch are turned off and the first detection electrode is set to a state of being not electrically connected to anywhere or to a state of being connected to a predetermined potential with an impedance of 50 kΩ or higher.