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Method and apparatus for creating an adaptive bayer pattern
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1. A method for enabling gesture recognition of a gesture command on a mobile device, comprising:
receiving a plurality of images of an object to be used for performing a gesture command from an array of imaging elements included within a camera of the mobile device;
aligning the plurality of images;
creating an ordered set at infinity comprising Red, Clear, Blue (R, C, B) pixel elements from the plurality of images;
defining as an infinity image a low-resolution G image generated by subtracting the R, C, B pixel data of the plurality of images;
performing a demosiacing process on the ordered set at infinity;
computing offsets between the images from one or more determined artifacts generated from imaging the object performing the gesture command;
modifying the ordered set to adapt to the computed offsets;
regenerating the demosaiced image and computing an associated depth thereof; and
interpreting the gesture command performed by the object.