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Method and apparatus for variable impedance touch sensor array force aware interaction in large surface devices
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1. A system for detecting a continuous pressure curve for a touch on a display device, comprising:
a column switching register;
a plurality of physical variable impedance array (VIA) columns connected by interlinked impedance columns;
a plurality of physical VIA rows connected by interlinked impedance rows;
an array of column drivers configured to:
based on the column switching register, select the interlinked impedance columns, and
connect, via the selected the interlinked impedance columns, to the selected interlinked impedance columns and to the plurality of physical VIA columns;
a plurality of row sense sinks connected to the interlinked impedance rows and to the plurality of physical VIA rows through the interlinked impedance rows; and
a processor configured to interpolate the continuous pressure curve in the physical VIA columns and physical VIA rows from an electrical signal from the array of column drivers, sensed at the plurality of row sense sinks.