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Side-force detection in an input device having a capactive sensor
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1. A method of detecting a force applied to a side of a display panel of an input device, the method comprising:
determining a presence of a grip based on detecting first capacitive responses corresponding to a first plurality of sensor electrodes disposed near the side of the display panel in a sensor electrode layer;
detecting second capacitive responses indicating a change in distance between a second plurality of sensor electrodes disposed near a center of the display panel in the sensor electrode layer and a conductive layer of the input device, wherein the change in distance between the second plurality of sensor electrodes and the conductive layer is in a first direction and the force applied is in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction; and
determining, in response to the determination of the presence of the grip, a magnitude of the force applied to the side of the display panel based on a number of the second capacitive responses satisfying a first threshold, magnitudes of the second capacitive responses, or a combination thereof.