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Interactive display surfaces
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1. An interactive display device having a frameless outer perimeter, a top surface, and a bottom surface, the device comprising:
a touch sensor layer;
a light layer comprising a plurality of light elements that extend to the outer perimeter of the interactive display device and are configured to render digital information;
a substantially transparent insulation layer arranged between the touch sensor and light layers, wherein the insulation layer is a solid layer having no apertures;
a microcontroller having a processor configured to execute computer-executable instructions, a memory storing the computer-executable instructions, and a wireless transceiver circuit in communication with the processor; and
a support layer arranged beneath the light layer and forming the bottom surface of the device, the support layer providing rigidity to the device and supporting the microcontroller thereon,
wherein the touch sensor layer comprises a conductive material arranged on a top surface of the insulation layer,
wherein the device is configured to be positioned directly beneath a bottom surface of a non-transparent surface layer such that the light layer is not visible beneath the non-transparent surface layer when the light layer is inactive.