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Method for controlling interaction interface and device for supporting the same
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1. An interaction undo support processor for supporting an undo of interaction performed between a plurality of virtual objects created in a three-dimensional (3D) virtual space and a user, wherein the interaction is performed by recognition of an interaction gesture of the user, and
the interaction undo support processor activates an interaction undo interface in response to a gesture not corresponding to the user's interaction gesture,
the interaction undo interface provides the user with a search mode for searching earlier interactions in a chronological order, a modification mode for modifying earlier interactions and a record mode for checking a history of modification made in the modification mode, and
the interaction undo interface is configured to change the search mode to the modification mode in response to a specific gesture by the user; and
the interaction undo interface is configured to, in response to a user modification to a first virtual object at a first level in a modification timeline, the user modification causing a paradox due to a change to a virtual object neighboring the first virtual object in a next level in the modification timeline, provide a notification about the change to the neighboring virtual object.