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Foldable pedal apparatus for vehicle
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1. A foldable pedal apparatus of a vehicle including an autonomous driving mode and a manual driving mode, the foldable pedal apparatus comprising:
a pedal plate coupled to a footrest panel to be rotatable forward and rearward;
a pedal assembly disposed at the pedal plate and configured to be rotatable with the pedal plate between a hidden state during the autonomous driving m ode and a pop-up state during the manual driving mode, the pedal assembly configured to generate a signal related to a pedal function when being operated by a driver; and
a seat case disposed at the footrest panel and configured to receive the pedal assembly inserted into the seat case when the pedal plate is rotated forward and the pedal assembly reaches the hidden state during the autonomous driving mode,
a rotation shaft disposed through an end of the pedal plate with opposed ends rotatably coupled to the footrest panel;
when the vehicle is in the manual driving mode and the pedal assembly is in the pop-up state, the rotation shaft is disposed above the pedal assembly and between the pedal assembly and the seat case.