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Cutting speed planning system and method and non-transitory storage medium
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1. A cutting speed planning system, adapted to plan a processing speed of a graphic path having a plurality of cutting routes, wherein the cutting speed planning system comprises:
a graphic preprocessing engine adapted to compare an actual cutting route corresponding to a plurality of short straight paths with a simplified cutting route defined by a straight line between any two endpoints of the short straight paths, wherein the simplified cutting route substitutes for the actual cutting route within a range defined by the two endpoints when an deviation between the simplified cutting route and the actual cutting route is less than a predetermined deviation threshold;
a first speed planning engine adapted to calculate a reasonable maximum cutting speed of each said cutting route according to a length of the cutting route and an estimated maximum cutting speed corresponding to the graphic path;
an included angle calculation engine adapted to calculate an included angle between two adjacent ones of the cutting routes;
a second speed planning engine adapted to make a terminal cutting speed of each said cutting route equal to an initial cutting speed of a next cutting route; and
a speed determination engine adapted to change each stage time of each said cutting route into an integer multiple of a digital control system period time and adjust respective speed planning of the cutting routes.