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Machining simulator and storage medium encoded with machining simulation program
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1. A machining simulator that virtually executes a Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) program to simulate a machining result, the machining simulator comprising:
a non-transitory memory configured to store at least one program; and
a hardware processor configured to execute the at least one program and control the machining simulator to:
virtually execute a plurality of CNC programs to generate 3D models from respective machining results obtained;
specify a predetermined coordinate of a vertex common to the 3D models generated as a reference position for each of the 3D models;
generate a superimposed model in which the reference positions of the 3D models are superimposed;
generate a finite difference model obtained by taking a finite difference of the 3D models included in the superimposed model generated; and
control display of at least one of the superimposed model generated and the finite difference model, wherein
the machining simulator generates the 3D models for each version of the plurality of CNC programs, and
superimposes the 3D models generated for each version.