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Design, control and operation of filters for turbomachines
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1. A method for designing a filter assembly for an air supply to a turbomachine, comprising:
calculating a current and/or an expected concentration of particles in air present at an inlet of at least one filter stage of the filter assembly as a function of a mean size of the particles;
calculating a sensitivity spectrum that, depending on the mean size of the particles, indicates an extent to which a predetermined concentration of such particles has a negative effect on performance and/or on service life of the turbomachine by erosion and/or chemical corrosion;
calculating, for at least one filter candidate usable in the filter stage and/or switchable on or off, a concentration of particles to be expected at an outlet of the filter from a concentration and filter properties of the at least one filter candidate;
calculating a quality rating from the concentration and a sensitivity spectrum;
assigning the at least one filter candidate and/or the filter assembly; and
forming the filter assembly from one or more filter candidates in such a manner that a flow resistance of the filter assembly is optimized under a predetermined boundary condition for the quality rating.