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Developing cartridge having a guide projecting from a frame body
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1. A developing cartridge comprising:
a developing roller rotatable about an axis thereof;
a developing frame body rotatably supporting the developing roller, the developing frame body including a toner chamber for containing toner, a first end, a second end opposite to the first end with respect to an axial direction of the developing roller, a top surface, and a bottom surface, with the top surface facing upward and the bottom surface facing downward when the developing cartridge is oriented with the developing roller positioned above the toner chamber;
a guide projecting from the top surface of the bottom surface of the developing frame body in a direction crossing a direction of the axis of the developing roller;
a first holder attached to the first end of the developing frame body, the first holder being movable relative to the developing frame body; and
a second holder attached to the second end of the developing frame body, the second holder being movable relative to the developing frame body and the first holder.