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Image forming apparatus and operation unit for operating the same
Daiju Yoshino, Ibaraki (JP); and Shingo Hattori, Chiba (JP)
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1. An image forming apparatus having a placement surface as a top surface of the image forming apparatus, the image forming apparatus comprising:
an image forming unit configured to form an image on a sheet;
an operation unit configured to be operated by a user to transmit an execution signal for instructing the image forming unit to form image on the sheet, wherein the operation unit is configured to allow an operation while the operation unit is in a state of being held up by the user and in a state of being placed on the placement surface of the image forming apparatus at an arbitrary position within a predetermined range; and
a controller configured control the image forming unit based on the execution signal,
wherein the operation unit includes:
a touch panel display configured to receive a touch operation by the user, and to display an execution icon to be touched by the user to enable the operation unit to output the execution signal,
a cable connected to the operation unit and configured to transmit the execution signal to the controller, the predetermined range being a range where the operation unit is movable in a state of being connected to the cable,
an exterior cover configured to form an exterior, and
an insertion member disposed on the exterior cover, the insertion member being disposed on a side opposite to a side where the touch panel display is disposed, and the insertion member being configured to pass fingertips of the user through when the user operates the operation unit while holding up the operation unit.