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Apparatus for the exposure of plate-shaped workpieces with high throughput
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1. An apparatus for processing plate-shaped workpieces, comprising:
a movable table system for receiving plate-shaped workpieces,
a registration unit above the movable table system for acquiring targets,
a processing unit with a controllable linear processing path for processing the workpiece, and
a computer unit for controlling the alignment between processing unit and workpiece and for spatial differentiation of a predetermined processing depending on a position of the workpiece determined on the basis of the registered targets,
wherein the movable table system has two identical tables on a common rail arrangement with a linear rail area below registration unit and processing unit, both being transversally extended to the linear rail area, so that the tables are movable alternately in a straight line along the common rail arrangement in a conspiring table movement direction to completely cross below the registration unit and the processing unit so that the tables are controllable independently from one another by the computer unit;
wherein the registration unit has a linear orientation transverse to the table movement direction and has at least two sensor areas for spatially detecting targets at least in lateral edge areas of the tables or of the plate-shaped workpieces located on the latter during the passage of one of the tables under the registration unit, so that the position of the workpiece is detectable and a signal is generated for ending a move-in movement and introducing a move-out movement of one of the tables for carrying out the predetermined processing;
wherein the processing unit is arranged parallel to the registration unit and has a controllable processing path in order to carry out a processing of the plate-shaped workpiece line by line; and
wherein a transporting system for providing the plate-shaped workpieces for processing on both sides is provided outside of a processing housing and inside of an outer machine housing, with which transporting system workpieces which are processed on one side are directly transferable from the one exit side of the common rail arrangement to another exit side of the common rail arrangement accompanied by a flipping movement.