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1. An optical element driving mechanism, comprising:
an immovable part;
a movable part movable relative to the immovable part and accommodating an optical element;
a driving assembly driving the movable part to move relative to the immovable part;
an elastic assembly elastically connected to the immovable part and the movable part and applying an elastic force to the movable part to restrict range of motion of the movable part, comprising:
a base comprising a first portion extending along a first direction;
a plurality of wires, wherein each of the wires comprises a plurality of second portions extending along the first direction and a third portion between the second portions, the second portions are at least partially disposed on the first portion, the second portions at least partially overlap with each other as observed from a second direction that is not parallel with the first direction, the second portions are arranged along the second direction, and a width of each of the second portions is different from a width of the third portion in a top view; and
an insulation layer disposed between the base and the wires.