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Solar temperature regulation system for a fluid
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1. A temperature regulating device comprising:
a structure comprising an internal reservoir configured to retain a fluid, the reservoir including an inlet in fluid communication with the internal reservoir and an outlet in fluid communication with the internal reservoir, the structure having an incident light surface comprising capsules containing (i) first particles having a first electrophoretic mobility and having a first color and (ii) second particles having a second electrophoretic mobility and having a second color, wherein the first electrophoretic mobility and the second electrophoretic mobility are different, and wherein the first color and the second color are different;
a temperature sensor in contact with the fluid and configured to measure a temperature of the fluid;
a voltage source for applying a voltage to the capsules; and
a controller in electrical communication with the temperature sensor and the voltage source, the controller being configured to execute a program stored in the controller to apply a level of the voltage to the capsules based on a temperature of the fluid received from the temperature sensor.