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Display device and substrate of display device
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1. A display device comprising:
a driver integrated circuit; and
an array substrate,
wherein the array substrate including:
an insulating substrate having a first side and a second side opposed to the first side;
pixels in a display region;
a first insulating film having a first surface and a second surface opposed to the first surface;
detection electrodes arranged in a matrix in the display region and located on the first surface of the first insulating film;
a sensor line located on the second surface of the first insulating film;
a signal-line coupling circuit between the first side and the display region;
first terminals configured to be electrically coupled to the driver integrated circuit, and located between the signal-line coupling circuit and the first side; and
a circuit between the second side and the display region,
the sensor line is connected to one of the detection electrodes via a contact part formed in the first insulating film in the display region,
the sensor line has a first end and a second end opposed to the first end,
the first end of the single sensor line is connected to the circuit in an outside of the display region, and
the second end of the sensor line is connected to one of the first terminals in an outside of the display region.