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1. A display device comprising:
a first substrate comprising a first transparent substrate and a pixel electrode;
a second substrate comprising a second transparent substrate and a common electrode opposed to the pixel electrode;
a liquid crystal layer located between the first substrate and the second substrate, and containing a polymer and liquid crystal molecules;
a sealant bonding the first substrate and the second substrate, and sealing the liquid crystal layer; and
a plurality of light-emitting elements arranged in a first direction, wherein
the second transparent substrate comprises a side surface opposed to the light-emitting elements,
a color of the sealant is black, yellow, or red,
the second substrate comprises a reflective layer,
the second substrate and the reflective layer are in direct contact with each other without another layer interposed therebetween,
the reflective layer is located between the second transparent substrate and the sealant,
the reflective layer extends along the first direction in planar view,
the sealant includes a first portion and a second portion extending along the first direction, and a third portion and a fourth portion extending along a second direction intersecting the first direction,
the first portion is located between the light-emitting elements and the second portion, and
the reflective layer overlaps the first portion and does not overlap the second portion, the third portion, and the fourth portion.