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Display apparatus
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1. A display apparatus, comprising:
a coherent light source, configured to provide coherent light beams;
a display unit, configured to form a three-dimensional image beam based on interference of the coherent light beams, wherein the three-dimensional image beam is imaged on an intermediate imaging surface after passing through the display unit;
a light-diffusing element, located on the intermediate imaging surface, wherein the light-diffusing element is a liquid crystal element, and the light-diffusing element includes a controller, and the controller controls optical axis directions of liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal element are chaotic and mutually staggered to scatter the three-dimensional image beam to control a diffusion angle of the three-dimensional image beam, and the controller controls an arrangement state of liquid crystal molecules with chaotic optical axis directions sequentially changed so as to make the diffusion angle of the three-dimensional image beam sequentially changed by passing through the liquid crystal element so as to make a speckle distribution of the three-dimensional image beam changed over time without affecting a recorded spatial light information of the three-dimensional image beam, wherein the diffusion angle is an angular measure of the increase in beam diameter with distance from the optical aperture from which a light beam emerges; and
at least one optical element, located on a transmission path of the three-dimensional image beam from the light-diffusing element, and configured to project the three-dimensional image light beam passing through the display unit out of the display apparatus to display a three-dimensional image.