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Layered pupil-replicating waveguide
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18. A near-eye display comprising:
a projector comprising an output pupil for providing image light carrying an image in angular domain; and
a pupil-replicating waveguide optically coupled to the projector for replicating the output pupil by providing multiple portions of the image light offset relative to one another in at least one of length or width dimensions of the pupil-replicating waveguide, wherein the pupil-replicating waveguide comprises:
a first substrate having a first thickness and a first refractive index;
a second substrate having a second thickness and a second refractive index lower than the first refractive index; and
an intermediate layer between the first and second substrates, wherein:
the intermediate layer optically couples the first and second substrates along length and width dimensions of the first and second substrates, so as to suppress coupling of highly oblique rays of the image light propagating in the first substrate by internal reflections into the second substrate to propagate therein by internal reflections;
a thickness of the intermediate layer is smaller than the first and second thickness; and
a refractive index of the intermediate layer is lower than the second refractive index.