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Method of manufacturing module having multiple pattern areas, module having multiple pattern areas according to the method, and method of manufacturing diffraction grating module or mold for diffraction grating module
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1. A method of manufacturing a module having multiple pattern areas to manufacture a diffraction grating module including a first diffraction grating element and a second diffraction grating element having different diffraction grating patterns, the method comprising:
(a) disposing a first substrate having a first pattern on a first base substrate;
(b) forming a first cutting line on the first substrate, wherein a first layout of the first cutting line corresponds to a first diffraction grating element;
(c) forming a second cutting line on the first substrate, wherein a second layout of the second cutting line corresponds to a second diffraction grating element;
(d) removing any one of a first area defined by the first cutting line and a second area defined by the second cutting line from the first substrate to form a removed area on the first substrate;
(e) disposing a second base substrate having a second pattern different from the first pattern in the removed area, the second base pattern having a layout corresponding to the removed area of the first substrate; and
(f) removing the first substrate from the base substrate without removing the first area and the second area.