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Apparatus, system and method for generalized multi-mode state machine based localization engine and application of same
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1. An apparatus for performing positioning using a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) with a state machine based localization engine, the apparatus comprising:
a receiving device communicatively connected to the GNSS, configured to receive GNSS signals from the GNSS; and
a computing device having a processor and a storage device storing computer executable instructions, wherein the computer executable instructions, when executed on the processor, cause the processor to:
provide the localization engine to process the GNSS signals;
determine, based on a GNSS status and a position-velocity-time (PVT) status, a state of the localization engine, wherein the state of the localization engine is switchable between at least 3 states, and the at least 3 states include a dead reckoning state, a tightly coupling state, and a loosely coupling state;
determine, by the localization engine, a local accuracy status based on the state of the localization engine; and
perform, by a downstream module, a downstream action based on the local accuracy status,
wherein the GNSS status indicates, based on a quantity of inliers in the GNSS, whether there is valid GNSS observation or good GNSS observation, and the GNSS status indicates valid GNSS observation when the quantity of the inliers in the GNSS is greater than or equal to 2, and indicates good GNSS observation when the quantity of the inliers in the GNSS is greater than or equal to 7; and
wherein the PVT status indicates, based on PVT accuracy values, whether there is valid PVT observation or good PVT observation, and the PVT status indicates valid PVT observation when a horizontal accuracy value is less than 0.5, and indicates good PVT observation when the horizontal accuracy value is less than 0.2.