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Molded article for vehicle
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1. A molded article for a vehicle to be placed in a path of a millimeter wave transmitted from a radar device mounted on the vehicle, wherein the molded article has a thickness as measured in a direction of the path of the millimeter wave transmitted from the radar device that is an integer multiple of a half wavelength of the millimeter wave in a molded article medium,
wherein the molded article comprises a base member made of polypropylene, and a coating film formed on a surface of the base member,
wherein a thickness of the base member in an area through which the millimeter wave is transmitted is between 1.8 mm and 2.2 mm, or between 3.1 mm and 3.5 mm,
wherein the coating film is composed of a plurality of layers, and a sum of thicknesses of the plurality of layers is 25 μm or less,
wherein a combined relative permittivity of the base member and the coating film is about 2.93.