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Position and orientation tracking system, apparatus and method
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1. A position determining system comprising:
a first radio frequency (RF) device comprising:
at least one antenna to receive and transmit RF signals, and
a first radio unit in communication with the at least one antenna;
a second RF device comprising:
a constellation of antennae including at least three receiving antennae, and
a second radio unit in communication with the constellation of antennae; and
a processor to determine a three-dimensional position of the first RF device relative to the second RF device, the determining comprising:
computing at least two of three angles in the second RF device coordinate frame (XY, XZ and YZ) based on carrier phase difference (CPD) measurements taken between each pair of the at least three receiving antennae when receiving a single RF signal transmitted from the at least one antenna of the first RF device, and
computing a distance between the first RF device and the second RF device based on a baseband code phase range measurement of round-trip RF time-of-flight (TOF) between the first RF and second RF devices.