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Method for correcting magnetic resonance imaging error using heart rate interval
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1. A method for correcting a magnetic resonance imaging error using a heart rate interval, comprising:
measuring T1 of a stand-alone phantom for correcting the error;
obtaining a T1 map generated by mapping a recovery time according to a reference recovery rate of protons in heart tissues of a subject inverted by a radio frequency (RF) pulse in pixel units into a two-dimensional space;
calculating a correction function based on the measured T1 of the phantom; and
correcting an error of the T1 map based on the calculated correction function,
wherein in the measuring of the T1, first T1 of the phantom is measured using a modified look-locker inversion recovery (MOLLI) sequence, and second T1 of the phantom is measured using an inversion recovery turbo spin echo and a MOLLI sequence, and
wherein in the calculating of the correction function, a first correction function is calculated through multiple polynomial regression based on reference T1 and the second T1 of the phantom, and the reference T1 is a ground-truth that becomes a reference of the measured T1 of the phantom.