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Method and system for online monitoring of health status of insulated-gate bipolar transistor module
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1. A method for online monitoring of a health status of a plurality of insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules coupled in parallel, each IGBT module comprising at least one IGBT, the method comprising:
determining an abnormal IGBT module from the IGBT modules according to a collector current value of each IGBT module among the IGBT modules;
extracting the collector current value of the abnormal IGBT module to be compared with a maximum value among measured collector current values of normal IGBT modules determined from the IGBT modules to obtain a current imbalance rate of the abnormal IGBT module;
determining a type of abnormality of the abnormal IGBT module according to a case temperature of each IGBT module among the IGBT modules; and
substituting for the current imbalance rate and the case temperature of the abnormal IGBT module into a parallel IGBT health status detection model for the abnormal IGBT module, and determining whether the abnormal IGBT module fails according to the type of abnormality of the abnormal IGBT module.