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Mirror calibration of multiple flow-measurement devices
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1. A calibration and dilution system, comprising:
a primary diluter;
a secondary diluter, the primary diluter and the secondary diluter being pneumatically coupled to one another through a gas supply line;
a volatile-particle remover configured to be coupled on an inlet side to the primary diluter and on a first outlet side to the secondary diluter, the volatile-particle remover further including a secondary outlet pneumatically located between the inlet side and the outlet side;
a first mass-flow device to serve as a global reference and provide a supply of clean gas to the primary diluter;
a second mass-flow device configured to be coupled to provide a supply of clean gas to the secondary diluter;
a third mass-flow device configured to be coupled to one of the first mass-flow device and the second mass-flow device, the third mass-flow device further configured to be coupled to the secondary outlet side of the volatile-particle remover;
a plurality of valves coupled to at least the first mass-flow device, the second mass-flow device, the third mass-flow device, the primary diluter, the secondary diluter, and the volatile-particle remover, the calibration and dilution system being further configured such that each of the second mass-flow device and the third mass-flow device can be calibrated in-situ relative to at least one of the remaining mass-flow devices without having to remove any of the mass-flow devices from the calibration and dilution system.