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Apparatus and method for storing thin film device and method for measuring biological molecule
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1. A method for storing a thin film device having an insulating thin film containing Si and having a maximum thickness of 100 nm, the method comprising:
a step of hydrophilizing the thin film device; and
a step of storing the hydrophilized thin film device in contact with a solution in a container having a tank that is sealed for prevention of volatilization and that satisfies any of conditions (1) to (3):
(1) a solution containing water in a volume ratio in a range from 0% to 30%;
(2) a solution cooled and maintained at a temperature higher than its solidification point and lower than 15° C.; and
(3) a solution that contains a salt with a concentration of 10 mol/L or more and a saturation concentration or less and is cooled and maintained to a temperature higher than its solidification point and lower than 25° C.