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X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
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1. An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer configured to irradiate a sample with primary X-rays, the sample including a single thin film which contains respective components in known contents and has a thickness to be measured, to determine a quantitative value of the thickness of the thin film on the basis of measured intensities of generated secondary X-rays by fundamental parameter method, the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer comprising:
a determination module configured to determine, with respect to every one of measurement lines that correspond to the secondary X-rays having intensities to be measured, whether or not a ratio of a theoretical intensity in thin film calculated on the basis of an assumed thickness and the known contents of the respective components to a theoretical intensity in bulk calculated on the basis of the known contents of the respective components exceeds a predetermined threshold; and
a saturation thickness quantification module configured to, when the determination module has determined that the ratio of the theoretical intensities has exceeded the predetermined threshold with respect to every one of the measurement lines, calculate a saturation thickness with respect to each of the measurement lines, at which the theoretical intensity saturates, on the basis of the known contents of the respective components and to adopt a largest saturation thickness as the quantitative value of the thickness.