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Microwave doppler flowmeter for hydrocarbon wells
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1. A flowmeter of a downhole tool adapted for displacement along and within a hydrocarbon well and intended for use within the hydrocarbon well for measuring a fluid velocity and/or a fluid direction of a moving multiphase fluid present in the hydrocarbon well, including:
a microwave front end module comprising at least one transmit antenna and at least one receive antenna and a microwave circuit, the microwave circuit comprising an oscillator coupled to the transmit antenna for causing said antenna to transmit microwave signals towards the multiphase fluid at a high frequency ranging from 10 to 100 GHz, a mixer coupled to the receive antenna and to a filter for generating an analog in-phase doppler signal depending on microwave signals returned from moving multiphase fluid;
an analog electronics module comprising an amplifier and an analog-to-digital converter converting the analog doppler signal successively into an amplified analog doppler signal and a digital doppler signal;
a digital processing module comprising a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm for processing the digital doppler signal into a Doppler frequency spectrum and a filter providing a compressed Doppler frequency spectrum, said Doppler spectrum containing information indicative of the fluid velocity and/or the fluid direction of the moving multiphase fluid; and
a protective shell protecting the microwave front end module, the analog electronics module and the digital processing module from multiphase fluid, the protective shell comprising a first part positioned over said antennas and being transparent to microwave signals, and a second part being opaque to microwave signals.