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Optical flow measuring cell and measuring device comprising the flow measuring cell
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1. A measuring cell for investigating a fluid flow comprising:
a main body,
a channel, leading through the main body, for the fluid flow,
wherein the channel has at least one inlet portion, a measuring portion and a diffuser portion lying between the inlet portion and the measuring portion,
wherein the inlet portion has an inlet opening for introducing the fluid flow into the channel,
wherein a cross-sectional area of the channel increases in size in the diffuser portion toward the measuring portion,
wherein in the main body there are formed to the sides of the measuring portion of the channel at least a first viewing window and a second viewing window, wherein the first viewing window and second viewing window are arranged such that a light beam can pass through both viewing windows and the measuring portion of the channel,
wherein a cross section of the channel in the inlet portion, in the diffuser portion and in the measuring portion is in each case transverse to a common longitudinal axis,
wherein the channel has between the inlet portion and the diffuser portion a form-changing portion, in which a cross section of the channel changes into a slotted form toward the diffuser portion, wherein the slotted form comprises two lateral semicircles of identical radius with an area of constant depth adjoining the semicircles, and
wherein a cross section of the channel in the form-changing portion is transverse to the common longitudinal axis.