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Bending apparatus for material testing and micro—CT imaging
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1. A system for obtaining bone-fracture information, the system comprising:
a testing stage bending a bone sample, wherein the testing stage comprises:
a three-point bending mechanism and a compression mechanism that are mechanically connected via a translation mechanism so that a displacement of the compression mechanism is transferred to an equal but orthogonal displacement of the bending mechanism, and
a load cell that senses a force on the compression mechanism, wherein the translation mechanism transfers a force on the bending mechanism to the compression mechanism;
a micro-CT scanner imaging the bone sample during the bending and sensing;
a computing device that is communicatively coupled to the testing stage and the micro-CT scanner, the computing device comprising a processor that is configured by software instructions to:
send signals to the testing stage to incrementally bend the bone sample until breakage;
obtain force data, at each bend increment, from the load cell;
obtain CT-images, at each bend increment, from the micro-CT scanner; and
after breakage, process the force data and CT-images to obtain bone-fracture information.