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Rolling bearing with integrated optical fiber sensor
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1. A rolling bearing comprising:
a first ring having a radially outermost first ring surface, a first inner bore, the first inner bore defining a first raceway, and opposing lateral faces extending therebetween,
a second ring having an outer second ring surface and a second inner bore, the outer second ring surface defining a second raceway, and
a row of rolling elements arranged between the first raceway and the second raceway,
a sleeve secured to the first ring, the sleeve having an outer sleeve surface, the sleeve axially overlapping the entirety of the radially outermost first ring surface such that the sleeve overlaps the radially outermost first ring surface in both the axial direction and the circumferential direction so that the sleeve entirely covers the radially outermost first ring surface, the sleeve being made from a softer material than that of the first ring,
wherein the sleeve and the first ring are mounted radially in contact one against the other,
an optical fiber sensor positioned inside a radial inner surface of the sleeve and also positioned on the first ring, the radial inner surface of the sleeve defining a circumferential groove which partially encloses the optical fiber sensor, the sleeve further defining an optical fiber sensor passage extending between the circumferential groove and the outer sleeve surface,
wherein the circumferential groove is formed in the radial inner surface of the sleeve, the optical fiber sensor being located in the circumferential groove with a potting resin thereover such that the optical fiber sensor is not mounted radially in contact with the first ring, and
a second optical fiber sensor is located radially between the sleeve and the first ring.